Aurox People

The Aurox team under a microscope.

aurox company team photo July 2018

Tony is Prof of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford and Senior Fellow of Hertford College. He has been pursuing research in microscopy, imaging and applied optics for well over thirty years. He co-founded Oxford Optoelectronics Ltd which sold the first confocal system in 1983. In 1984 he published the first book on confocal microscopy. He is General Editor of the Journal of Microscopy and is a former President of the Royal Microscopical Society and past Master of the Worshipful Company of Scientific Instrument Makers.

His work has been recognised by numerous awards and prizes, including an Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Microscopical Society and a Fellowship of the Royal Academy of Engineering.

aurox confocal microscope Prof Tony Wilson

Dr Alistair Smith spent most of his career in the instrumentation industry running divisions of public companies such as Oxford Instruments plc and VG Instruments plc (now part of Thermo Fisher). He has extensive experience of instrumentation sales to overseas markets. Since 2000 he has acted as Chairman or Non-Executive Director for a number of technology companies: in two such cases he was a founder, raised venture finance, and steered them to very successful trade sale exits.

aurox confocal microscope Dr Alistair Smith

Rimas has worked in the field of confocal microscopy since 1989, initially as a research scientist working on diverse topics ranging from polarisation microscopy to high-NA optics characterisation. For over 20 years he was part of the Scanning Optical Microscopy group at the Department of Engineering Science, Oxford University, where he developed a number of advanced optical microscopy techniques, pioneering the use of fibre optics, laser feedback and structured light illumination.

Rimas was one of the founders of Aurox in 2004.

aurox confocal microscope Dr Rimas Juškaitis

Mark has been working in optics since his PhD at Cambridge and then post-doctoral work at Oxford when he was a key member of the team developing structured light microscopy methods.

He is now based in the Photonics group in the Department of Physics at Imperial College London where his research is concentrated on a wide range of imaging and microscopy techniques, including fluorescence microscopy, and their application across multiple disciplines. He has a particular interest in programmable optics using spatial light modulators and leads the teaching of optical design and laboratory optics on Imperial College’s internationally renowned Masters in Optics and Photonics course.

Mark is a founder director of Aurox and a Professor in Photonics at Imperial College.

aurox confocal microscope Prof Mark Neil

Martin is Professor of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford. His research interests include the development of new technology for microscopy and photonic engineering. In particular, he has introduced adaptive optics for the compensation of aberrations in microscopes with application in biomedical imaging. These methods have been extended to various high-resolution and super-resolution microscopes, with applications ranging from cell biology to neuroscience. He has also developed active optical methods for high precision laser nano-fabrication particularly for the manufacture of photonic devices.

aurox confocal microscope Prof Martin Booth

Kenny started his career training as a motor vehicle technician before later joining Ultralife batteries, where he led a team in the manufacture of military grade batteries and chargers.

In 2009 he joined Aurox, as an optical assembly technician and later progressed to Production Supervisor.

He is a skilled machinist and fabricator who has over the years accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge across the range of Aurox products.

Since 2018, Kenny has headed up the Aurox production team, as the Production Manager.

aurox confocal microscope Mr Kenneth Eggleton