The laser free confocal upgrade for your microscope

Introducing the Aurox Clarity, the compact, easy and affordable route to laser-free confocal imaging using your existing fluorescence microscope.

Designed to fit virtually any microscope, Clarity uses Aurox’s patented structured illumination technology and a spinning disc to achieve high resolution, high quality confocal images, fast, easily and affordably.

Clarity packs 15 years of Aurox confocal microscopy and optical technology into the World’s most compact, high performance confocal imager.

aurox clarity confocal microscope upgrade

Please see below for further details of the available Clarity devices:

Clarity can be directly coupled to a wide range of modern large field of view sCMOS and CCD detectors, including:

  • Hamamatsu ORCA Flash 4.0 V3
  • Andor Zyla 5.5 USB3
  • Photometrics Prime 95B
  • PCO Edge 5.5 USB3

Clarity incorporates an internal 4-position filter cube turret, accessed via an external door. The turret accepts Aurox’s combined emission and excitation filter cubes which are user exchangeable and quick and easy to replace without tools.

A wide range of Aurox filter cubes are available to cover the commonly used bandwidths. Custom filter cubes are available for specific research applications.

aurox confocal microscope User Exchangeable Fiter Cubes

Clarity can be connected directly or via a light guide to a wide range of LED or metal halide light sources. Clarity is free from laser safety restrictions and benefits from low photo-toxicity, low-bleaching, low maintenance and low cost of ownership.

aurox confocal microscope Light Source Port

Clarity uses Aurox’s patented structured illumination spinning disc technology. This is based on a grid pattern which allows up to 50% more light through than traditional (Nipkov) pin-hole designs. The results are high resolution, high quality confocal images collected fast and without the need for lasers.

Each disc has 3 grid pattern sizes affording 3 sectioning modes and thereby image optimisation for resolution or speed.

aurox confocal microscope Laser Free Confocal Spinning Disc

Clarity has a standard microscope C-mount connector and a range of coupling adaptors / spacers to fit historical and new microscope models from all major manufacturers.

aurox confocal microscope Microscope C-Mount Port

A high speed, ClarityHS version is available featuring a 10 ms minimum exposure. The ClarityHS provides up to 100 frames per second full frame video capture, making it ideally suited for higher resolution 3D time lapse imaging.

ClarityHS requires an appropriate camera and computer to operate in high speed mode.

aurox confocal microscope Clarity<sup>HS</sup> - High Speed (Option)

Clarity is typically delivered with an instrument control computer installed with the Aurox Visionary software. The computer is connected by USB2 and can be either a compact NUC or a Shuttle PC.

aurox confocal microscope Windows 10 Control Computer

Clarity comes with the Aurox Visionary device control and image acquisition software.

Fast and easy to use, Visionary presents all experiment set-up and device controls in one colour coded work-flow, under a single graphical user interface window.

Key features of Visionary include:

  • z-stack imaging
  • Mosaic image tiling
  • Time-lapse & multi-channel multi-position imaging
  • Confocal, wide-field & bright-field modes.
  • 3 sectioning modes for optimised resolution or speed.
  • OME-TIFF file format.
  • One-click image export.

aurox confocal microscope Visionary Software

Key Specifications
Confocality0.6 μm (FWHM) with 1.4 N.A oil objective
Disc1 sector structured illumination disc.
Minimum exposure20 ms
Maximum frame rateUp to 40 fps (1 colour)
Up to 13 fps (3-colours)
Imaging channels3 integrated filter channels, DAPI, FITC, TRITC.
Channel switchingInstantaneous.
DetectorIntegrated sCMOS 2x (2048 x 2048), 6.5 µm pixels.
Excitation range370 - 700 nm
Emission range410 - 750 nm

The height of versatility and adaptability, Clarity is extremely compact, having dimensions 390 x 220 x 135 mm (WDH) and weighing <6Kg. It can be mounted on upright and inverted microscopes, left or right ports and even on a macroscope.

aurox confocal microscope Connectivity and Dimensions

Clarity’s unique combination of extended spectral range (370-750 nm) and high speed imaging with low photo-bleaching and low photo-toxicity makes it suitable for fixed and live specimens and allows its application to a wide range of research, including:

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