clarity LFC upgrade

Upgrade your existing laboratory microscope to be confocal.

Virtually any laboratory microscope has the potential to be upgraded to become a confocal microscope with the addition of the Aurox Clarity Laser Free Confocal (LFC). The Aurox Clarity LFC is a laser free confocal device delivering extraordinary imaging performance. It's compact patented optical design and laser-free operation, provide for ease of retrofit to an existing fluorescence microscope, or addition to most new models currently available. The benefits are an affordable confocal device for your own laboratory, eliminating the need to use core facilities.


  • Laser free confocal
  • Full spectrum (370 - 700 nm)
  • Excellent confocality
  • Unique single camera design with large field of view
  • High throughput
  • Highly cost effective
  • A range of interchangeable filter turrets
  • Real-time control and viewing (up to 50 fps)
  • Suitable for fixed and live specimens

Key Specifications
Operating principleStructured illumination, spinning disk. 3 grid densities for matching sectioning and throughput to objective and sample
Confocality (PSF) 3 sectors provide adjustable sectioning strength down to 0.6 μm (FWHM) with 1.4 NA oil immersion lens
Widefield By-passSelectable mode completely removes disk from the imaging path
Disk rotation speed3000 rpm
Minimum exposure20 ms (1 full disk rotation)
Frame rates (max)22 fps (12-bit confocal imaging, full 2.3 Mpix frame size, no binning), up to 50 fps with 2x2 binning
Spectral channels4 user-replaceable cubes on a fast internal filter turret
Filter switching time<200 ms
Excitation range370 - 700 nm
Emission range410 - 750 nm

aurox confocal microscope Aurox Clarity LFC
aurox confocal microscope clarity LFC unit

The Clarity LFC upgrade includes the following modules:

The Aurox Visionary software has been specially developed for the acquisition of live cell imaging data using the Aurox Clarity LFC unit as part of a laser free confocal microscopy system.

Designed with simplicity and ease of use at its core, the software provides a single graphical user interface, which relates device and experimental settings directly to the connected instrument hardware.

The Visionary software provides for the optimisation and control of the instrument set-up and calibration followed by the set-up and image acquisition control of the confocal microscopy experiment.

Key features of the software:

  • Instrument set-up and calibration
  • Experiment set-up and control
  • Real time confocal image quality inspection tool
  • Supports a range of digital camera manufacturer sCMOS devices, including, PCO and Andor
  • Outputs data in OME Tiff format

aurox confocal microscope Aurox Visionary

The handling, processing and visualisation of multi-dimensional confocal microscopy live cell images are extremely computer intensive and require the use of a high performance desktop computer.

With this in mind, Aurox have configured a PC Workstation specifically for use with Aurox Clarity confocal microscopy systems.

This PC Workstation has been optimised for handling large experimental data sets and for use with the Aurox Visionary software.


  • High end Windows 10 Shuttle workstation
  • Acquisition bandwidth for USB3 sCMOS camera support
  • SSD supports real time data acquisition
  • Multi-core processors for multi-threaded software
  • High performance graphics card with OpenGL
  • Includes 24" LCD Monitor
  • Real-time volume rendering

aurox confocal microscope Windows 10 Shuttle PC workstation

Image processing and analysis software (additional optional extras):

Imaris is a commercial software package from Bitplane, designed for the data visualisation, analysis, segmentation and interpretation of 3D/4D microscopy datasets.

Combining speed, precision and ease-of-use, Imaris provides a complete set of features for working with three- and four-dimensional multi-channel images of any size. Multiple volume rendering and modes, clipping planes, cross-section slices will let you create stunning animations and snapshots ready to be used in publications.


  • Search, tag, and manage your data
  • Organize and manage full experiments
  • Use premier volume rendering in 3D/4D
  • Detect objects using Spots and Surfaces
  • Interactive intuitive workflow
  • Process and visualise data acquired from almost any microscope.
  • Customisable with a wide range of additional, optional modules for specialist applications

aurox confocal microscope Bitplane Imaris

A third party software package, Fiji is a distribution of the widely used open source image processing software, ImageJ.

Fiji comes complete with a wide range of plugins used for the scientific analysis of multi-dimensional image data resulting from the life sciences.

Techniques supported:

  • Image processing
  • Colocalisation
  • Deconvolution
  • Registration
  • Segmentation
  • Tracking
  • Visualisation

Fiji is actively maintained, with regular update releases.
More information is available from

aurox confocal microscope Open source Fiji / ImageJ

Image-Pro Premier 3D is a commercial 3D image analysis software package from Media Cybernetics.

Designed for research professionals who need to view and measure structures in a range of spatial or temporal image dimensions, Image-Pro Premier 3D provides all the essential 3D analysis tools in one software package.

Key features include:

  • Automatically measure and count objects
  • Identify what to measure
  • Guided segmentation for measurement of complex 3D objects
  • Manual 3D measurements
  • 3D/4D Data Management
  • Automatically collect and analyse data from multiple experiments
  • 3D/4D high resolution image visualisation
  • 3D Clipping planes
  • 3D processing and dataset correction
  • Key frame animation movie publication

aurox confocal microscope Media Cybernetics Image-Pro Premier 3D