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The Aurox unity just recorded a 3-channel, 150 frame (50 x 3) laser-free confocal 'z' stack in 11 secs.

Recently, at our annual distributor training we demonstrated unity, our new 'all-in-one, bench-top laser-free confocal microscope'.

The demonstration included the fast imaging of a mouse kidney section in which a 150 frame 'z' stack was recorded in 3-colours in under 11 secs.

Our distributors were blown away by the Aurox unity commenting:

"Just box it up now. I have users who've been waiting for a product like this."

For further experimental details and to view a movie of the recorded 'z' stack click here.

aurox confocal microscope Unity just recorded a 150 frame laser-free confocal 'z' stack in 11 secs

Team members from Aurox Ltd and Neuro-Bio met for a joint lunch at the newly refurbished Neuro-Bio premises at Culham Science Centre to discuss and plan a future collaborative agreement to share knowledge, expertise and resources. The two companies hope that the laser free confocal technology from Aurox will help to speed up and automate the imaging assays planned by Neuro-Bio to help combat Alzheimer’s disease. The feedback from Neuro-Bio will assist in the direction of development of the laser free confocal systems developed by Aurox for disease research in general.

Phillipa Timmins, Head of Sales at Aurox said:

"This is a fantastic opportunity for our two neighbouring companies with very different skill sets to assist each other in our endeavours. I look forward to seeing what we can achieve together"

aurox confocal microscope Aurox & Neuro-Bio forge new relationship, sharing resources and expertise to advance laser free confocal technology and battle Alzheimer’s disease

Today, at the ELMI 2018 meeting in Dublin, Ireland, Aurox Ltd launched unity, a new breed of all-in-one bench-top laser-free confocal microscope, designed to be affordable, accessible and easy to use within the life-sciences laboratory.

unity is a compact bench-top instrument which includes everything the life-scientist needs for confocal microscopy, including: laser-free confocal, integrated sCMOS detector, LED based light source, objective lens, motorised XYZ stage and OMERO based image server.  It can be used with a wide range of life-science samples and sample mounts including: slides, multi-well plates, petri-dishes and flow cells.

unity is built around the Aurox structured illumination spinning disc technology, which provides high resolution confocal images comparable to those of significantly larger and more expensive confocal microscopy systems.  unity does this faster, easier and with lower photo-toxicity and photo-bleaching. No lasers means low maintenance, low cost of ownership and no laser safety restrictions, making unity easy to use and accessible to all.

Designed for installation and use in the life science wet-lab; right where the samples are generated.  unity removes the immediate need for travel to a core microscopy facility, benefiting biological sample lifetimes as well as research times and budgets. Ultimately, unity should help speed research.

Prof Tony Wilson FREng, University of Oxford & Aurox Ltd, described unity:

"unity makes confocal microscopy faster, easier, more affordable and more accessible for the wet-lab biologist and medical researcher.”

Dr Sergi Padilla-Parra, Division of Structural Biology, Wellcome Centre Human Genetics. University of Oxford, commented:

“I am convinced unity is a clever solution to bring advanced confocal microscopy to everyone. The future potential for the product is phenomenal.”

aurox confocal microscope Aurox launches new unity product, the all-in-one bench-top, laser-free confocal microscope.

Aurox is on a mission to bring the Clarity laser free confocal technology to an ever greater number of applications in microscopy. Wherever, applications are plagued by out-of-focus images Aurox can potentially bring confocal Clarity to give higher quality and 3-D imaging.

The latest step in our mission brings Clarity to the Macroscope. To achieve this, Aurox has worked with Leica to fit the Clarity and ClarityHS to the Leica Macroscope, whilst also adding device control of the Macroscope to the rapidly increasing range of other manufacturer devices supported within the Aurox Visionary software. The Visionary software makes experimental control and image acquisition faster and easier than ever.

Together, the Aurox Clarity, Visionary and Leica Macroscope can finally achieve higher quality 3-D imaging of typically large specimen samples free from out-of-focus blur.

aurox confocal microscope Aurox brings Clarity to the Macroscope

Aurox have released a new application note in which we report some impressive first Super-Resolution confocal images from the ClarityHS.

Download the application note here.

aurox confocal microscope  Release of the new Super-Resolution with Clarity<sup>HS</sup> application note

This week at the Focus on Microscopy 2018 (FOM 2018) meeting in Singapore, Aurox Ltd announce the launch of their next generation ClarityHS laser free confocal microscopy device featuring fast 100 frames per second full frame video imaging.

The ClarityHS is the next generation of laser free confocal device developed by Aurox Ltd, which uses our patented structured illumination disc technology to provide high resolution confocal images, quickly and of comparable image quality to scanning laser confocal microscopy instruments; but faster, at a much reduced cost and lower photo-toxicity / bleaching.

Dr Phillipa Timmins said:

''The ClarityHS can be connected to potentially any suitable microscope, converting the users’ microscope to a confocal imaging instrument.''

''The fast, 100 frames per second allows exposure times down to 10 ms, such that high quality time-lapse z-stacks can be recorded''

Extremely compact and designed for installation use in the life science lab; close to where the samples are generated, the ClarityHS removes the immediate need for travel to a core microscopy facility. It combines, accessibility, with ease of use and high speed imaging in a laser free confocal device of significantly reduced purchase price to a scanning laser confocal system and also greatly reduced running costs. The ClarityHS is maintenance free and contains no lasers.

The ClarityHS has widefield and confocal imaging modes, with 3x confocal modes, which can be optimised for high signal or high speed. All functions are accessed via the Aurox Visionary software, which provides all acquisition and experiment controls in one quick to learn and easy to use graphical user interface.

aurox confocal microscope New product launch. Clarity<sup>HS</sup>, 100 frames per second, fast laser free confocal device.

We are delighted to announce that Dr Leigh Rees has joined Aurox Ltd as our new 'General Manager'.

Leigh joins us at a critical point in the business and as part of our continued growth plan.

Aurox is currently driving towards the launch of a series of exciting and innovative new products, the first of which is expected in the summer of 2018.

In joining Aurox, Leigh's attention to the day to day running of the business and his focus on sales and marketing activities will allow Dr Rimas Juškaitis (Founder and past Managing Director) to focus on the business's Research and Development activites.

As 'Head of Technology' and board member, Rimas will work closely with Leigh and will continue to lead the RND team with a focus on new and existing hardware and software product development.