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Aurox users, customers and partners tell us what they think of the company, our people and our products.

aurox confocal microscope thumbs up image

‘’The Aurox system has two main features that are advantageous for us. A narrow depth of field compared with widefield fluorescence and fast image acquisition.''

''The narrow depth of field and fast image acquisition allows us to tune the exposure time for a given flow rate in order to obtain suitable length streaks. It would be extremely challenging to obtain comparable images with a laser-scanning confocal system.’’

aurox confocal microscope Dr Simon J Haward

''This technology allows a fast multicolour image acquisition at high speed and in multiple dimensions. It is particularly well suited for us to investigate the interaction between nanoparticles and living cells, including dendritic and cancer cells.''

aurox confocal microscope Prof Bruno De Geest

‘’Visionary, is quite user-friendly and simple to use.''

''The Visionary interface is easy to learn with colour-coded steps that guide the user to a quick hardware set up and fast imaging acquisition.''

''Beside the simple layout and the easy accessibility, the software features a built-in link to Fiji to access the acquired images for instant processing and analysis.’’

aurox confocal microscope Alessandro di Maio

''While the Visionary interface initially looked very different to anything that we have worked with previously, it proved to be very intuitive to use, easy to learn and extremely sleek in operation.''

''All your experiment settings are accessible from a single panel!  And it looks beautiful too.''

aurox confocal microscope Prof Jonathan Gibbins

''Aurox have been supplying Carl Zeiss for >10 years now. We have been constantly impressed by the company’s technical expertise, attention to detail and eagerness to go the extra mile to satisfy a discerning customer.''

''Reliable partners and really nice people to work with.''

aurox confocal microscope Dr-Ing Viktor Drescher

''Aurox Clarity allowed me to visualise detailed staining that I had previously missed using other systems.''

''The technology was user friendly and produced lovely multicolour images very quickly.''

''The Visionary software interface is colour coded and the experimental settings are all located in a single panel which makes it very easy to learn.''

aurox confocal microscope Hannah Jackson