Structured illumination spinning disk microscopy

Unity iOS App

iPAD software for Unity

Set-up, control and review of your imaging experiment has never been easier.

Designed for use with an iPAD tablet, the Unity iOS App is intuitive and presents all experiment set-up and device controls in one colour coded graphical user interface window.

Imaging is easy with Unity iOS.


  • Tap
  • Drag
  • Swipe
  • Type
Unity iOS software

Flexible and adaptable

For all your imaging experiments:

Load plates, dishes & slides

Select your sample holder

Load your sample holder and give it a two finger swipe to select your:

  • Slide holder
  • Multi-well plate
  • or petri-dish holder

Swipe on swipe off

Experiment start / stop

Starting an experiment is as easy as one left swipe. A second swipe and it stops.

Experiments can be any combination of 1, 2 or 3 colour channels, confocal or widefield, Z stack, timelapse, tilescan and multiple region of interest.

See things clearly & blurry

Confocal or widefield at a tap

One tap and it's all about confocal. Tap again and it's widefield.

Adjusting the sectioning is just a little drag!

Red, blue, green go

1,2 or 3 colour channels at a time.

One tap each switches on or off the colour channels.

Set exposure times and brightness by dragging up or down on the respective colour chevrons.

Handy histograms help you achieve optimal settings.

Stack 'em up

Define the Z stack range

Spin the focus Z wheel up and down and tap to mark the top and bottom of the Z-stack.

Get keyed up

enter experiment filenames

Simply tap on the filename and a keyboard pops up.

Go to new depths

adjust your focus / Z depth

Simply drag the focus wheel up or down to focus in the overview mode or to change the focal Z depth in the high magnification view.

unity focus wheel

See life on the tiles

drag-out a tilescan area

Tap and hold, then drag out a wire frame over the desired tilescan area.

Unity does the rest.

unity tilescan set-up

Make new points of view

multiple regions of interest

Add one or more regions of interest (ROI) to an experiment.

Choose a ROI, adjust the settings and swipe right to set a region of interest.

Repeat, as many times as you like.

At anytime, swipe down with two fingers to review and edit the set ROIs.

Navigate through life

Drag to a new field of view

Whether you're in sample holder, overview or high magnification view, simply drag across the image to move the displayed field of view.

The image is updated when you remove your finger

Magnify your life

view sample holder, overview or high magnification

Change your view at anytime.

Switch between the sample holder, sample overview (3.25x magnification) and high magnification (e.g. 60x magnification) view with a two finger swipe up or down.

Time of your life

long time-lapse experiments

Time-lapse is easy with Unity.

Simply define your region of interest.

Then it's:

  • One tap and a drag sets the timelapse duration.
  • Tap and drag again to set the time-lapse interval

13 hour live-cell imaging experiment timelapse video of HEK293 cells.

13 hour timelapse of HEK293 cells collected with Unity Life bench top confocal fitted with 60x 1.4 NA Oil immersion objective. Transient transfection with Lifeact GFP plasmid for polymerising actin. 20 micron thick Z stack images taken every 30 minutes as part of a multi-position data acquisition in an 8 well plate.

Sample courtesy of Dr Edwin Garcia Castano, Imperial College London

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