Structured illumination spinning disk microscopy


Aurox interchangeable optical filter cubes

A wide range of user exchangeable optical filter cubes are available for the Clarity. The unit accepts up to four filters at a time and Aurox can provide custom filters to meet your specific application needs.

The filter cubes can be quickly and easily exchanged by hand, without the need for any tools.

Aurox filter cubes can also be used with the Andor Revolution DSD, Revolution DSD2 and the 3DHistech Pannoramic Confocal slide scanner.

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Technical Specifications

Filter CubeProduct NumberFilter SpecificationsTypical Flurophores
DAPI0301370-410 nm Ex1 , 430-475 nm Em1DAPI, Hoechst, AMCA
FITC0302473-491 nm Ex1 , 503-548 nm Em1GFP, FITC, Alexa 488
DsRed0303554-568 nm Ex1 , 582-636 nm Em1RFP, DsRed (not dimer2), TRITC
mCherry0320572-594 nm Ex1 , 613-649 nm Em1
DAPI-LED0401381-404 nm Ex1 , 417-477 nm Em1
DsRed-LED0403543-566 nm Ex1 , 582-636 nm Em1
mCherry-LED0404568-589 nm Ex1 , 604-679 nm Em1
PI0405511-551 nm Ex1 , 582-636 nm Em1
GFP-LED0406446-486 nm Ex1 , 503-548 nm Em1
YFP0407488-512 nm Ex1 , 529-556 nm Em1
Cy5-LED0408626-644 nm Ex1 , 659-701 nm Em1
CFP/YFP FRET0999423-449 nm Ex1 , 520-550 nm Em1

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