Light sources

Microscope fluorescence light sources.

Aurox has selected a range of metal halide and LED based fluorescence light sources which are compatible with the Clarity and are ideal for applications in live cell imaging.

aurox confocal microscope fluorescence light sources bulb image

The following fluorescence light sources are available for order from Aurox, either as stand-alone units or as part of a Clarity microscopy system:

CoolLED's pE-300Ultra offers intense, broad-spectrum LED illumination for imaging the most common fluorescent stains with microsecond switching via multiple TTL inputs and the ability to mount inline excitation filters.

Pairing with high performance multi band filter sets enables imaging traditionally requiring a white light source and filter wheel.


  • Clean bright cross spectrum illumination
  • Specify for existing single and multi-band filter sets
  • Instant on/off
  • Simple installation and use
  • Stable and repeatable
  • Adapters to fit most microscopes
  • Precise intensity control in 1% steps (0-100%)
  • Excellent uniformity over field of view
  • Lamp life expected >25000 hours of operating time
  • Removable inline excitation filter holders
  • Individual microsecond channel triggering via TTL
  • Sequenced excitation from a single TTL-out with Sequence Runner

aurox confocal microscope CoolLED pE-300 Ultra

The CoolLED pE-4000 is a broad spectrum (365-770 nm) illumination system for fluorescence microscopy with 16 selectable LED wavelengths that can be matched to the filters and fluorophores of almost any microscope.

For consistency and ease of use the system can be operated as a ‘White’ illumination system using simple on/off and intensity buttons, or in “Advanced” mode for total control of the excitation source for improved imaging and for selection and control of individual wavelength settings.


  • Broad LED spectrum: 365 – 770 nm
  • Four channel wavelength-grouping design
  • Individual control of selected LED wavelengths
  • Instant on/off - no shutters, no warm up or cool down
  • Precise intensity control in 1% steps (0-100%)
  • Excellent uniformity over field of view
  • Lamp life expected >25000 hours of operating time

aurox confocal microscope CoolLED pE-4000

The Prior Scientific Lumen 200 PRO is a 200W metal arc lamp fluorescence illumination system designed for use with fully automated microscopy systems.

Located remote from the microscope for no vibration, the Lumen 200 PRO has an integrated six position motorised filter wheel for fast switching of the excitation wavelength and motorised light attenuation and shuttering. This allows intensity selection over 100 increments for balancing exposure with the sensitivity of your cells and fluorescent markers.

The Lumen 220 PRO model offers extended transmission in UV and IR.


  • 2000 hour life, 200 Watt metal arc lamp
  • Stabilised DC power supply for consistent illumination
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to view display screen for bulb life indication and alarm description
  • Knurled light guide clamping knob for secure light guide installation
  • Adapters available for all modern research microscopes
  • Pre-aligned bulb for easy replacement
  • Integrated motorised six position 25mm filter wheel
  • Motorised light attenuator, 0-100% in 1% increments
  • Compatible with ProScan™ III controllers

aurox confocal microscope Prior Scientific Lumen 200/220 PRO

The Excelitas X-Cite 120PC Q is a computer controlled fluorescence microscope light source offering rich spectral sample excitation and a uniformly illuminated field of view from a 120W lamp which has been pre-aligned for convenience and has a guaranteed 2000 hours lifetime.

The X-cite 120PC Q also features software control and a standard adjustable iris, which may help minimise photo-bleaching.

Technical Specifications:

Illumination system includesLamp module, liquid light guide, microscope adaptor, software CD, grounded and shielded power cord, 9-pin serial cable, manual and quick start guide
LampPre-aligned proprietary 120W Mercury Vapor Short Arc
Lamp Life (hrs)2000 guaranteed
Software interfaceYes
Adjustable IrisYes
Foot pedal operationYes
Warm-up period (s)90 (typical)
Dimensions (mm)139 x 165 x 342
Weight (kg)3.18
AdaptersCompatible with wide-field fluorescence microscopes from all major manufacturers

aurox confocal microscope Excelitas X-Cite 120PC Q

The Excelitas X-Cite 120LEDBoost is a broad spectrum (370-700nm) LED light source for fluorescence microscopy, which efficiently excites a wide range of fluorophores, including the popular red fluorophores.

Designed for optimal imaging and data reliability the X-Cite 120LEDBoost provides maximum stability over time with superior optical power and exceptional field uniformity at the specimen.

Since the LEDs are guaranteed for 25000 hours and there no lamps or modules to replace, the X-Cite 120LEDBoost offers sheer simplicity and convenience allowing you to focus on your research instead of equipment maintenance.

Technical Specifications:

TechnologyLED (long-life, stable, reliable, maintenance free)
Wavelength Range (nm)370-700
Power Consumption (W)230
Warm-Up TimeNo warm-up, uses electronic shuttering (no vibration)
Control OptionsManual, USB, TTL, 3rd party software
LED ON/OFF (μs)50 (TTL)
Response Times (ms) 1 (USB)
Dimensions (mm)173 x 213 x 260 (powerCUBE)

90 x 116 x 166 (LED Head)

80 x 59 x 112 (speedDIAL)
Weight (kg)4.8 (powerCUBE)

0.3 (SpeedDIAL)
Lamp Lifetime (hrs)LEDs warranted for 25000 (or 3 years)

aurox confocal microscope Excelitas X-Cite 120LEDBoost