This is Aurox Ltd

Aurox Ltd is a leader in the design and manufacture of innovative optical imaging equipment.

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Aurox wins 2012 Queen's Award

The award comes in recognition of the development and successful market introduction of the SD62 microscope.

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Aurox wins 2012 IOP Innovation Award

Aurox won the 2012 IOP Innovation Award following its successful development and commercialisation of the SD62.

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SD62 available from Zeiss and Andor

The Aurox SD62 is available through Carls Zeiss MicroImaging GmbH as the VivaTome, and from Andor Technologies as the (Revolution DSD.

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Award winning design

Revolutionary design has brought affordable confocal microscopy to a wider user community. Units attach to a conventional microscope and enable high quality 3D images to be acquired in real time.

Award winning products

Aurox lowers the cost of ownership significantly compared to that of a laser-based confocal microscope and, consequently, increases access to high-end 3-D microscopical imaging.

Focus on physics

The Aurox approach is based on the use of structured illumination and detection, and aperture correlation. These new physical principles have made the imaging so light efficient that a laser is not needed.

IOP award film

Aurox received the Institute of Physics 2012 Innovation Award at its annual dinner. Prior to the presentation, a short film was shown that outlined Aurox's achievements. You can view it here.

The development of Aurox’s device is an exciting development across a wide range of scientific fields, as it equips a far greater number of researchers with a valuable tool for investigation.

Sir Peter Knight, President of the Institute of Physics